Dance genres offered at Xtreme


Jazz dancing is an energetic style utilizing ballet technique in jumps, turns, kicks and tricks. This upbeat genre is characterized by stylized choreography set to fast-paced popular music. (Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. Tap routines focus on rhythm to build dynamic, powerful pieces. (Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Stage is a fun, character focused medium of dance with routines generally set to pieces from musicals. These fun, humorous routines endeavour to create a mini 'musical' experience for the audience. (Only Competitive)

Hip-hop routines combine various street styles of dance set to hip-hop music. Various styles are included in this genre to produce high-energy, aggressive, street routines. (Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Acro is a unique style of dance in that it combines dance technique with precision acrobatic and gymnastic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, impressive partner tricks, gymnastic skills, and unique choreography that seamlessly blends these components into 'Cirque de Soleil' style routines. (Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Song and Dance
Song and Dance classes build musical theatre style routine by combining voice, acting and dance. These upbeat musical pieces engage the audience with fun choreography and song. (Only Competitive)

This highly technical style of dance forms the foundation of most dance genres. Posture, discipline, precision, and grace characterize this style. (Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Lyrical dance utilizes ballet technique and soft, flowing choreography to tell an emotional story to the audience. 

(Recreational or Competitive options available!)

Contemporary dance is a recently popular style incorporating elements of ballet, modern, and jazz styles. Contemporary utilizes the strong technique and leg work of ballet, combined with modern dance's stress on the torso to express emotions or themes to the audience. ​(Only Competitive)

Flyer Flex
This class will give dancers and cheerleader added work in stretching and strengthening in order to improve performance and technique ability as well as to prevent injury. (Only Recreational)

Sparkle and Shine
A fun introduction to the world of music and dance for preschool aged children! This class will explore dance and build coordination, balance, musicality and teamwork skills with fun activities. (Only Recreational)


Pilates + Yoga Classes

We are excited to offer these classes that are open to both athletes and adults! Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on core strength, flexibility, body control and overall strength building. Our yoga classes are strength and flexibility based with the added benefit of relaxation and breathing techniques. (Only Recreational and open to Adults and Children)


Triple Threat 

This energetic class involves the big 3.... singing, dancing and acting! This class has it all! Feel like a true broadway star while getting to learn and perform in a fun and supportive environment.  (Only Recreational)

This fun class will learn tumbling skills, partner based acrobatic tricks with some parkour and breakdancing elements as well!

(Only Recreational)

Cheer Programs at Xtreme

Prep Team Program


Xtreme's Prep Cheer teams are the perfect intro to cheerleading for those new to the sport. These teams are fun, engaging, and focus on building skills and friendships. Practices involve learning a 2:00 minute routine jam packed with jumps, stunts, dance, tumbling, and pyramid skills. These exciting routines are competed at four local events and are divided by age. Gymnastics or dance backgrounds are great, but everyone makes a team in this program!


Elite Cheerleading Program


This program is geared towards athletes who thrive in a competitive environment, are ready to make a firm commitment to their team and are prepared to push themselves to their athletic potential. Elite teams attend a routine practice, a stunt/tumbling practice, and an additional flex class which can be dance, conditioning, or flexibility class depending on the athlete's choice every week. These teams compete 4 competitions per season regionally and sometimes internationally. Elite teams are formed based on a Tryout held every spring based on skill level and commitment.