Cheer Programs at Xtreme


Competitive Cheerleading Program


This program is geared towards athletes who thrive in a competitive environments,

are ready to make a firm commitment to their team and are prepared to push

themselves to their athletic potential. Competitive teams attend a routine practice

and a one hour tumbling practice every week (as well as a 1/2 hour stunt practice

for levels 2+). The Tiny Prep team does not have a separate tumbling practice but

it is at optional add on for them.

Competitive cheerleaders are expected to:​

  • Ensure they do not miss more than three practices leading up

        to/during competition season (this includes sickness, school events, 

        family events etc.)

  • Make Xtreme their extra-curricular priority​​

  • Manage their time academically, to prevent missed practices due to

        school assignments​

  • Be "on time" for every practice and competition (meaning shoes on,

cheer clothes on, hair done, etc.)

  • Attend each and every practice and competition (Sept.-March is our

competition season. Please ensure family vacations do not interfere with

competition dates!)​

  • Attend all practices even when sick/injured (unless determined by a

doctor to be contagious) to observe/learn even when not feeling well

enough to participate​

  • Remain at competition until Awards Session in uniform!


​**Attendance policies are tough for competitive cheer teams as it is impossible for stunt groups to practice effectively with any athlete missing! If every cheerleader missed one practice that would be 20+ practices without the full team! As such, if athletes miss practice without a valid reason or notification in advance they may return to a new spot/role/formation in the routine OR be recommended to the recreational program!

Tiny Prep- Ages 3-5

Tiny- Ages 5-6

Mini Prep- Ages 7-8

Mini- Ages 7-8

Youth Prep- Ages 9-12

Youth- Ages 9-12

Junior Prep- Ages 13-15

Junior- Ages 13-15

Senior- Ages 15-18

As well as age categories, teams are divided by levels, indicating skills performed.

Here is a summarization of skills performed in each level:

Prep Teams 



NO experience necessary, beginners absolutely welcome! Introduction to forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, kick overs, front walkovers, back walkovers, learning to connect these skills into running tumbling passes.



NO experience necessary, beginners welcome! Introduction to thigh stands, flexibility skills at thigh level, T-lifts, assisted handstands, double bases, straddle sits, straight ride cradles, learning to utilize the whole team to connect these skills in a pyramid.

Level 1


Tumbling: Cartwheels, forward/backward rolls, front/back walkovers, handstand

rolls, round-offs, running tumbling combinations of these skills 


Stunting: ​thigh-stands, double bases, one legged flexibility positions at thigh level,

cradle dismounts, inversions must stay on ground, extension pyramids posted on a double base


​Level 2


Tumbling: standing back handspring, back walkover back handspring, front walkover, front handspring, combination running tumbling combinations involving back handspring step-outs and series back handsprings


Stunting: double base extensions, one legged flexibility positions at eye level, inversions into stunts, half twist stunt entries, supported release moves, straight ride basket tosses, extended one legged stunts posted on double base


Level 3


Tumbling: series back handsprings from standing, front tucks, aerials,  jumps to immediate back handsprings, round-off back tucks, combination running tumbling passes ending in a back tuck 


Stunting: Flexibility positions at one legged extension, full twist dismounts from two legged extension, inversions at prep level, full twist stunt entries, release moves at prep level

Level 4

Tumbling: standing tucks, series back handsprings to tucks, front aerials, round-off layouts, whips, combination running tumbling passes ending in a layout 


Stunting: Flexibility positions at one legged extension, double twist dismounts from two legged extension, inversions, full twist stunt entries to extension, release moves at extension, flipping pyramid transitions


Xtreme offers cheerleading teams from levels 1-4.